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Winter 2019

Success for Josh through Youth Job Connection

The Fat Guys Auto Parts Distribution Centre is a large space, and it is filled with new shelving, freshly stocked.  We caught up with Josh there.  He was part of the team that pulled it all together.   “I feel proud looking around, realizing I did this”, Josh says.  He is confident, grateful, and eager to share his story.

At the beginning of 2018, Josh had been actively looking for work for a long time.  He was frustrated and his confidence was shot.  “ I was in a rough situation”, Josh explained, “and after I left home, I was in an even rougher situation.”  He did have a full-time job for a while but he let things slip.  He was bored and unmotivated and he ended up losing the job.  Nothing was clicking for Josh.  

When Josh came in to YES, he met with Hannah and she became his youth worker.  “Hannah helped me a lot.  It was great having someone to talk to about the stuff I was going through”, Josh said. Josh entered the Youth Job Connection program and the workshop curriculum seemed to focus on just what he needed.  The information that really hit home for Josh was about work ethic, punctuality and commitment.  Josh really took these lessons to heart and carried them with him into his work placement.Soon he was bringing in and washing vehicles.  Impressed with his work, they moved him to Action Tire and he rose to the challenge of organizing the office.  “If you’re offered the opportunity to learn something new, you take it”, Josh says.

When Josh’s placement ended, the business hired him on full-time at Fat Guys Auto Parts.  “Where I am now is better than anything I ever hoped”, Josh said.   His initiative landed him a place on the team that is preparing inventory for the launch of a new and improved version of  Josh is seizing every opportunity offered by the business, “I was given the responsibility and I am running with it”.  Josh’s new found confidence and stellar work ethic will certainly serve him well in the future. Congratulations Josh! 

A big shout out to Doug Wilson and Angela Cadorin for their continued efforts in providing meaningful employment opportunities in our community. 

On Friday December 21st, members of the YES Board and staff gathered  with community partners and dignitaries in the Youth Zone at YES Employment Services for the official unveiling of a collection of art pieces created by John Ferris.  

John is a well-known and respected Indigenous artist and teacher who is passionate about preserving and passing along Aboriginal art and craft traditions.  Many of the people who utilize the services through Youth Zone at YES are facing challenging life circumstances.  John’s pieces were created to inspire and create connection for youth who come to YES to learn and engage in supportive employment programs.   

John spoke about the symbols present in each piece with representations of unity, sovereignty and tradition playing a prominent role.  The authenticity of materials used in the collection include freshly harvested materials like cedar and birch.  The vibrant colours used in many of the pieces create a strong visual impact that youth connect with and appreciate.  

John’s collection in the Youth Zone is a testament to his focus on engaging and inspiring young people through art.  As founder of Ed-Digenous Traditions, John also discussed his continued efforts to make youth his focus by sharing Indigenous Traditional Learning Kits for students and crafters of all ages.  Members of the public are welcome to visit YES to see the John Ferris collection.  Stop in to YES reception and staff will set up a viewing.

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