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February 2024

First Job Success through the Youth Job Connection Program

Thomas has an interest and aptitude for working with computers.  He was heading in the direction he thought he wanted, taking Computer Programing at Confederation College.  However, the timing was off, and the program was not exactly what he thought it would be, so he found himself unable to complete the training.  Time passed.  Thomas knew that he needed to work as the first step toward pursuing his long-term goal again, but he didn’t know where to start. His parents recommended that he go to YES Employment Services, and he met with Youth Worker Jordan who told him about the Youth Job Connection (YJC) program.  It was just what Thomas was looking for; a structured, supportive training program that would lead to a paid position. 

Paid pre-employment training is the first step in the YJC program.  Thomas gained the skills to update his resume and do a solid interview.  Teamwork, problem-solving and time management were some of the soft skills that he also learned during the training.  “The training was delivered well and reinforced my idea of what to expect on the job”, Thomas said.

When it came time to talking to our Employer Relations team about a placement, Thomas was less sure about what he wanted to do.  He wanted something where he could settle into a routine and work at a job where he was not solely responsible for customer service. He had enjoyed the maintenance work that Thomas had done as a volunteer in high school.  Tracy set to work looking for something that would suit him.  In speaking to several employers, she found out that Mastrangelo was looking for yard attendants.  Tracy mentioned the position to Thomas, and he was open to a meet and greet with the employer.  The meeting went well, and Tracy set up a placement for him.  Thomas excelled at the position and proved to be a great hire for the Mastrangelo team. He picked things up easily and when his placement ended, they were eager to hire him on. 

Mastrangelo’s Financial Controller, Ian Sutherland had this to say about Thomas:

“Thomas has proven to be a very reliable, and dedicated employee, that is always eager to learn new tasks,  and more importantly  is willing to ask questions.   Once you show him a task, you know its going to get done, which offers piece of mind to his supervisors.     His attendance has been impeccable, and he always shows up 10-15 minutes early before his shift, and is roaring and eager to go as soon as his shift starts.  All employees always face a learning curve when starting a new job, but Thomas has picked things up quickly and easily,  and we look forward to him growing with our company”.

We want to congratulate Thomas on his success and thank Mastrangelo for working with the YES Employer Relations team to provide opportunities to youth in our community.

YES provides dedicated youth programs, but through our Employment Service program we serve adults of all ages and skill levels.

YES Career Development Practitioners provide professional assistance to help you find meaningful employment. The free programs and services we provide offer a strategic advantage to those who work with us

YES programs and services are not just for people who are struggling to find work. Connect now and get a strategic advantage in the local labour market. We can help you meet your career goals, not just land a job: Request an Appointment – YES Employment Services (

In January we launched a campaign for local job seekers. We sent out mailers through Canada Post to 10,000 local households. Our message was broadcast on two Memorial Avenue billboards and The Walleye magazine. We also talked about the hot job market on our social media pages. The reason we launched this campaign, is because we know that the job market is hot right now. So many sectors are looking for workers. You have worked hard and developed skills that are valuable to local businesses, so why settle for the first job offer that your on-line search turns up? YES has a network of business connections that we can use to provide you with opportunities that align with your career goals. YES Career Development Practitioners provide professional assistance to help you find meaningful employment. The free programs and services we provide offer a strategic advantage to those who work with us. YES programs and services are not just for people who are struggling to find work. We serve adults and youth of all ages and skill levels.

If you connect with us before February 9th, you will be entered in to our draw for an Amazon Echo Show! Fill out a ballot and request an appointment here: Request an Appointment – YES Employment Services (

Professional Development

The Cannexus Conference in Ottawa, ON is one of our favourite annual opportunities for professional development. Cannexus brings together those across the career and workforce development ecosystem to explore research, policy and practice. The conference examines the impact of career development on education, the economy and social justice. Left to right we had Outreach Coordinator, CDP, Riley Cummins, Service Delivery Manager, Stacy-Ann Dyer-McNish, Executive Director, Lorna Hunda, and Administrative Assistant, Jason Malanych attending this year.

Prosperity Northwest

The Prosperity Northwest Conference offered a great snapshot of all the business development that is happening currently in Thunder Bay and our region. Avalon gave a great presentation about their local plans during the conference kickoff at the Chanterelle on January 30th. On January 31st we attended the conference and set up an exhibit table as well at the Valhalla. Thank you to all the businesses who checked in with us at our booth at the Prosperity Northwest Conference. This was a great conference and networking opportunity!

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