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November 2023

The Value of Building Strong Client Relationships – Clarence’s Story

No matter where you are in your life and career, YES can provide you with support, guidance and professional employment and training assistance.  Clarence is a great example of someone who continues to use YES as a touchstone and support throughout his career.  He started out as a youth client at YES about 20 years ago.  Eight years later after returning to Thunder Bay from a film career in Winnipeg, Clarence re-connected with our programs as an adult and successfully gained a foundation of experience with a placement at Wilderness North.  Now as a mentor and support for Indigenous men in our community, Clarence just brought in one of his own clients in to YES to connect with our programs.   

Everyone’s journey is different.  Clarence has always been motivated and focused on addressing the struggles he was working through knowing that finding his purpose was an important part of dealing with trauma.  He remembers meeting with Career Development Practitioner Brenda Richtig and finding a connection that he still maintains.  Her advice and guidance led him to a program placement with Wilderness North.  He felt at home there as a Social Media Manager and stayed with the organization for 2 years.  He gained digital skills, communication skills and a strong work ethic that would form the foundation for future success. 

Clarence leaned on the transferable skills he gained at Wilderness North as he entered a career in mining, gaining experience in all areas of the operation including the lab, mill, Geology and Engineering. The work was fulfilling and having stability helped Clarence work through the trauma he had experienced.  Still, Clarence was always focused on finding his purpose.

When the discovery of unmarked graves was made in Kamloops in the Spring of 2021, the news profoundly affected Clarence.  He and his fiancé shifted their focus to community and the sacred fire that burned for 120 days to honour the residential school children who never came home.  As additional unmarked graves were discovered, Clarence put all his efforts in to his community and his purpose.  When a local organization invited Clarence to apply for a position as the Men’s Healing Initiative Coordinator, he wasn’t sure about his chances of success.  It was a new field for him and his work experience was diverse and eclectic.  This ended up being an advantage for Clarence, however, and he is now feeling like this is right where his journey was meant to lead. 

We are glad that Clarence re-connected with YES when his clients needed employment and training support.  The winding road that is his story led him many places, and we are glad that we can partner with him in his community advocacy.  Congratulations Clarence.  Stay in touch.

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