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Employment Service

YES believes that anyone who wants to work, deserves to work.  Through the Employment Service program, YES offers free resources, supports and service to respond to the hiring needs of local employers.  We are dedicated to helping you find the right employees for the positions you are trying to fill.  We are advocators and collaborators. 


  • Start your recruitment process by contacting our Employer Services team. 
  • We will help you identify the skills and competencies required to fill the needs within your workplace.
  • You will gain access to a trained pool of job seekers who are actively working with YES.  We will match your needs with the skills and abilities of qualified candidates. 
  • We will help you develop a training plan to effectively onboard new employees and ensure your workplace requirements are met.
  • We will be your resource for sensitivity/diversity training, workplace accommodation for persons with disabilities, orientation to workplace health and safety and workplace communication training.
  • We will be your resource for information about government programs that can assist your business (eg.  Graduated Apprenticeship Grant for Employers (GAGE) for employers who hire apprentices; signing and completion bonuses for businesses who train apprentices.)

Free on-site Job Fairs

  • Utilize space at YES for a job fair to recruit new employees.  We will help promote the job fair to our existing clients and on social media.

Free posting on the our Job Bank

  • Go to , click on “Post a Job” and follow the prompts.  Your job will also be posted in our busy Resource Area.


  • Financial incentives are available to offset the cost of on-the-job training, including apprenticeship training, work experience opportunities, and job trials. 
  • These financial incentives are negotiated on a case-by-case basis and are determined by the level of commitment by the employer and the skills and training needs of the candidate.
  • The Employer Services team will monitor and support the placement, helping to resolve workplace issues and working to ensure that your business goals are met.

Contact our Employer Relations team to find out how we can help you recruit candidates for your business.

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