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Youth Job Connection

YES believes that anyone who wants to work, deserves to work.   The Youth Job Connection program is designed to help young people between the ages of 15 and 29 who are facing significant challenges finding or keeping jobs.  Our Youth Workers help young people take important steps in their journey toward long-term employment and meaningful careers.  

Earn while you learn

Our Youth Workers are committed and supportive and will be with you throughout your participation in the program.  We deliver pre-employment training covering a variety of topics and will partner with you to determine what the best version of your future could look like. We will help you to develop the necessary skills and plans to get there. While attending the pre-employment training, you will receive a stipend, equal to minimum wage, for every hour that you complete. You could also receive supports including transportation, snacks, lunches and short term job related training.  Youth Workers will actively partner with you in your journey, helping you develop skills to overcome employment barriers, advocate for you, and collaborate with community partners to provide the support that you need to reach your goals.   Upon successful completion of the training, we will work with you to find a paid work placement in keeping with your goals for your future.

Continued Support

Mentorship and job coaching supports are available throughout the program.  Following placements, Youth Workers help you with next steps as you transition to long term employment, education or training.

Is the Youth Job Connection program right for me?

Youth Job Connection

I am 18-29. I am not working, or in training or school.
OR I am 15-17 and legally excused from school.

I want to work and I need support while I transition to work.

I am experiencing significant barriers to employment (e.g. facing discrimination, poverty, homelessness, have little or no work experience or a low level of education).

I am available to attend group sessions from 10:00am-4:00pm daily for 3-4 weeks.

  • New groups start each month (accommodations to this schedule may be facilitated on an individual basis).

I am available for a placement up to 6 months in duration.

Intake dates: Year round

Youth Job Connection Summer

I am a student aged 15-18

I want to work this summer and I need support transitioning between school and work.

I am facing challenging life circumstances (e.g. difficulties in school, lack of financial resources, problems with family life, low confidence).

I am available to attend group sessions from 10:00am-4:00pm daily for one full week at the beginning of July.

  • Accommodations for student participation during the school year may be facilitated on an individual basis).

I am available for a summer placement up to 8 weeks in duration

Intake: Spring (April)

If you would like to complete an assessment for the Youth Job Connection program, visit YES to get started, or call our main number to speak to one of our Career Development Practitioners.

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