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Sylvester was already on our Success Wall when he came in to participate in the Youth Job Connection program.  He had been successful gaining a position with FWFN during our YJC Summer program when he was 15 years old.  He spent the summer on their mountain crew, cleaning up grounds and setting up for the powwow.  He really enjoyed helping to make a hand-built canoe, venturing into swampy areas to find the roots needed for binding. 

When Sylvester came in to the YJC program in September, he had a specific job goal.  He shared with his YES Youth Worker, Hailee Lyght, that he had foster parents who were diamond drillers.  His uncle was a diamond driller as well.  Having mentors who could tell him about the industry, made Sylvester laser-focused on his goal.  As he made his way through the program’s paid training, our Employer Relations team looked for options for Sylvester.  Luckily, our Service Hub partner, Working Warriors provided the ideal opportunity.

Working Warriors is a management platform that assists Indigenous communities with identifying their workforce, assets related to economic development as well as managing their industry partnerships. Working Warriors also acts as a project management tool for employers on major capital projects and operations.  What that means for Sylvester, is that Working Warriors has both the knowledge to direct him to the right training for diamond drill mining, and the connections to the mining companies who are actively recruiting.  Jamie Saulnier stepped up and took Sylvester on as an employee so he can gain skills as he works toward his goal.  Since Working Warriors is now part of our Service Hub, the placement is actually taking place on-site, the same place Sylvester completed his program training.

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