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Traditional jobs are not for everyone.  Translating creativity and passion into paid work can sometimes be a difficult process.  The Youth Job Connection  (YJC) program helped Derek connect to the film community in Thunder Bay.  That connection started him on the path to the independent production, audio and editing work that he is doing now. Derek has always had an interest in film.  He looks at film as storytelling.  He is interested in the deeper meaning in films.  He loves to watch characters grow and develop.  He loves that the viewer’s whole perspective can be changed by this powerful medium.  At first, the thought of actually working in film intimidated Derek.  “I didn’t know if I had it in me”, he remembers.  Before he entered the Youth Job Connection program, he had developed some solid digital skills.  He was self-taught.  He liked to play around with photo shop and editing software…. Read more of Derek’s story here.

Derek – Success in Film and Audio

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