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When Sudha came to YES, she had already experienced a number of major barriers to employment even with her high level of education.  Her original degree was in Instrumentation Engineering, which she obtained in India.  Transferring her credentials proved difficult so she decided to complete a Civil Engineering degree at Lakehead University.  After overcoming the credential barrier, Sudha met with another barrier when the pandemic hit.  Restrictions meant that her young daughter was at home, completing on-line schooling.  As the primary caregiver in the household, engineering positions that would take her out of town just weren’t an option.  She decided to go back to school and study something that would allow her to work days once child care could be arranged.  She took Computer Programming at Confederation College and graduated in May, 2021. 

Sudha took a survival job at McDonalds.  She worked evenings so she and her husband could coordinate care for their daughter.  As time went on and child care outside the home became an option, Sudha was determined to find something related to her field.  She had lived in Toronto and knew that the province had Employment Ontario offices there to assist job seekers, so she looked for similar services available in Thunder Bay.  That’s how she found YES.  Career Development Practitioner, Sharon De Benetti met with Sudha and when she heard her story, she was determined to use her job development skills to help her connect with long term, meaningful employment…

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