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Darnell is loving his job at Thunder Bay Waterproofing.   He returned to Thunder Bay in March of this year when pandemic restrictions were in full swing, but he was determined to find a general labour job and start a career here.  Connecting to the right opportunity started with a visit to YES.

Have you faced a lay-off due to Covid-19 or other factors causing work shortages in your field?  The Second Career program can help you retrain for jobs in sectors that have good potential for future employment.  You can gain new skills – those needed for jobs in demand now – and financial support if you qualify for Second Career.  The Second Career program is designed to help people rejoin the workforce quickly, so it is focusing on supporting training programs that take 52 weeks or less, including micro-credential programs.

Travis started his Second Career application in March 2021.  He is a skidder operator and had been working since he graduated high school, but more and more, he was hitting road blocks with employers who were looking for staff members who were fully licensed and certified.  He liked the field and he liked the idea of training in a hands-on field rather than going back to a classroom environment.   He researched his options and landed on AZ and Heavy Equipment training at Taranis.  He knew the industry and had connections with employers who would hire him once the training was complete. 

Travis worked with his Career Development Practitioner, Cleo Wabejigig, to support him as he completed his Second Career application.  As he walked him through all the steps, Cleo was able to ensure that Travis met all of the requirements and obtained all the necessary documents for submission.

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