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January 2024

Why Local Businesses like Impact Promotions are Partnering with YES Employment Services

Impact Promotions has partnered with YES to help build and grow their business. YES understands that posting jobs, reviewing resumes and conducting interviews is time consuming and does not always yield suitable candidates.  Our Employer Relations team has been working with John Phyllis at Impact Promotions ongoing, to provide recruitment support as he builds and grows the business.  In forming a relationship with local business owners and managers, we learn the specific criteria required for success at your business.  We recognize and recommend clients based on what is a good fit in terms of skill set, experience and even personality.  For John, this partnership with YES has led to the successful recruitment of individuals with strong customer service skills and the ability to thrive in a creative, fast-paced environment. 

What John offers our clients is a team-oriented workplace with set work hours that do not require evening and weekend work.  Impact Promotions/Uniform Pros is a business where creativity and fun are the keys to success in providing customers with branded apparel, promotional products, uniforms, signs, banner, decals and Carhartt Gear. By learning what a good job match looks like for Impact Promotions, YES has been able to confidently recognize and recommend the right clients to John.  YES clients, Dyllan (centre) and Megan (far left) now occupy key roles and are contributing to the growth of the business. Rachel started as John’s assistant just before the New Year began and Kaileb joined the team on January 3rd.

YES facilitates meaningful connections and bridges the gap between qualified candidates and employers who want to recruit and retain staff effectively.  At the heart of our commitment are Employment Ontario programs.  Connecting with our Employer Relations team provides free program assistance including:

1. Exclusive Access to a Pool of Qualified Candidates: Our services provide access to our clients; qualified candidates actively seeking employment. Save time and resources by connecting with individuals who match your criteria and are eager to contribute to your team.

2. Training Incentives and Retention Support: From Apprenticeships to specialized positions, YES offers training incentives and retention support. Invest in your team’s development while ensuring they have the skills needed to thrive in their roles.

3. On-Site Job Fairs and Job Posting Distribution: YES goes the extra mile by hosting on-site Job Fairs at our offices, complete with interview rooms. Additionally, your job postings can reach a wider audience through the YES Job Bank, maximizing your chances of finding the perfect candidate.

4. Expert Advice on Effective Job Postings: Crafting compelling job postings helps target your ideal applicants. Rely on our expertise to guide you in writing job postings that attract strong candidates and set the stage for successful hires.

Forming strong relationships with local businesses benefits both our clients and employers. Clients gain valuable insights into job expectations, work environments, and potential career paths, while employers find candidates who align with their vision and bring enthusiasm to the job.

Unlock the full potential of your team by partnering with YES Employment Services:

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YES gave back to our clients this year by collecting treats, grocery items and toiletries to create holiday hampers to give away to clients just in time for the holidays. Congrats to Ron, Alec, Tammy and Jeffrey who were the lucky recipients! All of us at YES hope it made your holiday season just a little brighter.

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