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November 2021

Youth Job Connection Success for Brenden at The Game Shelf

Brenden came to YES after facing an ongoing challenge that many young people face – all of the jobs he had successfully secured up to this point in his career, only offered part-time hours.  He needed full-time work, and when we set up an assessment for him for the Youth Job Connection program, that was his focus.  He told Brad, his Youth Worker, that he was determined to secure a position that considered his interests and offered full-time hours.  

The Youth Job Connection program was a good fit for Brenden.  The program starts with 60 hours of paid pre-employment training so Brenden was able to start earning right away.  When it came time for his placement, Brenden worked with our Employer Relations Coordinator, Kaitlyn, to explore his interests.  In looking at his previous employment, Brenden was able to identify, very specifically, what he enjoyed doing.  He enjoyed tasks where he could work alone and have complete control over how he got the job done.  He didn’t mind if the tasks were repetitive, but he wanted to decide how to tackle the task in the most efficient way possible.  Kaitlyn was thrilled that Brenden had so much insight into the nature of his approach to workplace tasks.  This gave her a lot to go on as she looked for placement opportunities.

When Kaitlyn set up a meet and greet for Brenden with Jackie at the Game Shelf, she was optimistic.  The opportunity checked all of Brenden’s boxes.  He had a passion for board games and he was already very familiar with some of the products that the Game Shelf carried.  On the job, he would be performing tasks that were clear and defined.  The meeting went well and Brenden started working at The Game Shelf full-time: 40 hours per week.

When we caught up with Brenden, it was clear that he had met his goals for the short term.  We had a discussion about what he wanted to do long term and his answer was reflective and insightful.  In analyzing his previous jobs and his current position, he was really focused on his interests with regard to the “method of the work itself, rather than thinking in terms of job fields”.  With that, he said he could see himself enjoying being a mail carrier in the future or something similar.  For now, though, he is loving his position at The Game Shelf and has been using every chance he gets to show initiative and contribute to the success of this local business.

Congratulations, Brenden!

If you are interested in learning more about the Youth Job Connection program, visit the YJC web-page for details. To get connected to the program, just call our office to arrange for an assessment.

November has arrived. The chill is setting in, but you can focus on a brighter future by making this month a pivotal one.  Pandemic supports have ended for many and we know how difficult it can be to navigate an uncertain future.  YES is working with clients who are just getting their bearings as pandemic restrictions lift further.  We are also working with clients who are exploring options outside their regular job fields and some who are considering additional education or training.  Our Career Development Practitioners can help you look at your current situation and explore your options. YES wants to make sure that November is a time when you can look forward to your next steps too.  Whether those steps are big or small is up to you.  The good news is there are lots of opportunities in the local labour market and we are ready to help you connect to them. Just call or visit YES to get started.

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