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May 2023

Construction Success for Mike

Mike is driven.  When he came in to YES he was focused on his future and meeting the career goals he had set for himself.  He did have some work experience.  He had a strong work ethic and had brought that to the job, but the work environment he had been in was not ideal and the position did not work out.  He was looking for independence on the job and the ability to learn new skills, and he wanted to feel valued at work.   Mike had heard about the Youth Job Connection program at school, but it was not until his YJC assessment that he learned that he could start the program within the week and that he would be paid a stipend, the equivalent of minimum wage for the program’s pre-employment training. 

As part of the wrap-around support of the Youth Job Connection program, there is a mandatory training period of 60 hours at YES that sets you up for success on the job.  Mike was grateful to receive a solid base of health and safety on the job along with information about his rights on the job, financial literacy, and communication skills. 

Throughout the training, Mike was focused on getting to work.  A friend’s uncle was running a new business called Groundhogs Property Services Ltd.  The business focuses on structural – foundation repair and waterproofing. It was exactly the opportunity he was looking for.  Mike worked with Tracy Laffin from our Employer Relations team to set up a placement with Groundhogs.  After a brief meet and greet, Mike started his placement.  Steel-toe boots and gloves were a requirement of the job and the YJC program was able to cover the cost of these items.

Business owners, Spencer Smith and Robert Nett were impressed with Mike from the start.  His work ethic and eagerness to learn made him a great addition to the team.  Mike was productive, confident and he was picking up construction skills quickly.  After the placement was over, Groundhogs was eager to hire Mike on permanently.

We want to thank Groundhogs for providing this meaningful work opportunity to a young person in our program.  Small businesses like Groundhogs help to build a brighter future for youth in our community.  Congratulations to Mike for his drive and confidence.  Your determination has clearly set you up for success now and in the future. 

The Youth Job Connection-Summer program provides paid pre-employment training and a summer job to youth participants aged 15-18. If you are interested or you would like to refer a young person into the program, contact Lindsay or Natalie to book an assessment.

Join us in extending a warm welcome to two new members of our Employer Relations team. Jaegar Angell and Charles Seguin have hit the ground running negotiating placement contracts and booking on-site job fairs. Our programs can assist with your recruitment. Reach out today. Call 807-623-0768 or e-mail

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