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May 2022

Jarius has a Bright Future in Woodworking

Everyone deserves long-term, meaningful work.   Jarius found a great opportunity and a brighter future through his own work ethic and efforts, and some help from the Youth Job Connection program at YES.

Youth Job Connection (YJC) is for youth aged 15-29 who are unemployed and facing barriers to employment.  The program starts with pre-employment training designed to set participants up for success on the job.  The youth in the program get paid the equivalent of minimum wage for every hour they attend, so they start earning right away.  Jarius came in to the program in late 2021 and by early January he had already completed over 60 hours of pre-employment training and was ready to start the next phase of the program – a paid job placement.

To connect youth participants to employment, our Employment Relations team is in constant contact with local employers with positions to fill.  They meet with each individual in the program to explore their interests, aptitude, skills, and goals, both short-term and long-term.  After this initial meeting, they approach employers on behalf of our clients, looking for a meaningful employment placement. 

Jarius had labour experience and he was interested in doing something hands on.  The Employment Resource Team offered several options to Jarius and he was glad he was able to make the best choice for himself.  The first option offered a very short-notice schedule and there seemed to be no room for advancement, so Jarius opted for choice number two:  a position with Industrial Craftsman.

After an initial meet and greet, owner Nathan Kushner put Jarius to work right away.  Industrial Craftsman takes on a variety of woodworking projects so Jarius has the opportunity to learn new skills and stay busy cleaning up the shop and helping with installations. Mentorship is also a big part of the Youth Job Connection program. Nathan took Jarius under his wing and helped him focus on the strengths he brought to the job and develop in the areas he needed to practice.

Jarius thrived at Industrial Craftsman.  He was a quick learner and had an aptitude for woodworking.  When his placement came to an end, the business kept him on.  His success prompted YES to approach Nathan and ask if he might sponsor Jarius as an apprentice.  After hearing about funding and support available through Employment Ontario programs, he is looking into registering Jarius as an apprentice with support from YES.  Now Jarius is looking forward to a brighter future with a clear path to a skilled trade.  Congratulations Jarius, and thank you to Industrial Craftman for investing in young people in our community!

One of the key strategies we adopted during the pandemic was to embrace technology, and we continue to build in efficiencies for our clients. This is Sharon introducing her client to our new DataTrack system, a faster way to check in at YES. Check it out next time you visit!

Thank you so much to Fort William First Nation and to Confederation College Health Care for inviting us to participate in your job fairs in April. It was great seeing all our community partners and the participants who attended!

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