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March 2022

Cheers to the Holiday Inn and Suites for providing Youth Employment Opportunties!

Adarez graduated from high school with a clear plan.  She was focused on the Indigenous Wellness and Addictions Prevention course at Confederation College, but delays due to Covid-19 restrictions caused her to re-evaluate her next steps.  She needed a job and her mother suggested she visit YES for help.   YES front-line staff determined that Adarez would be a good fit for our Youth Job Connection program.

The Youth Job Connection program is designed to help young people between the ages of 15 and 29 who are facing challenges finding or keeping jobs.  Our Youth Workers help young people take important steps in their journey toward long-term employment and meaningful careers.  That journey begins with extensive pre-employment training.  Adarez liked the fact that the program provides payment for every hour of training attended.  This allowed her to start saving right away for her College course.

When it came time for Adarez’s placement, she also had a clear focus.  She had done a high school co-op at a local grocery store so this was a possibility, but she really wanted to get a housekeeping position.  The Employer Relations team found some leads for Adarez and secured a meet and greet for Adarez at the Holiday Inn.  The meeting went well and Adarez started the position in November 2021.  She was happy with the job and she was able to keep saving.  Once her Youth Job Connection placement ended, the Holiday Inn hired her on.  “One of the things I’ve learned in the workplace is to be more engaging with guests” Adarez explains.  This is a skill that is highly transferable and will help Aderez with her long term career goals as well.  We congratulate Adarez on successfully pivoting to stay on track with her long term goals and gaining valuable work experience and savings to build a strong foundation for her future studies.  Thanks to the Holiday Inn for providing opportunities to young people in our community. 

Natalie Vandermale hosted our Open House in Nipigon on February 23rd, 2022

YES Employment Services formally introduced Outreach Coordinator – Career Development Practitioner, Natalie Vandermale to the community during our OPEN HOUSE on February 23rd. Employer Relations Coordinator, Tracy Laffin was also on hand to greet guests from 1:00pm-3:00pm at Edge Arts Studio and Gallery in Nipigon. A virtual Open House took place from 11-12pm for those who wanted to attend online. Access Employment Ontario programs and services by contacting Natalie:

Phone: (807) 624-1882

Toll Free: (807) 1-877-623-0768


Giving Back to our Community

A drop off of personal care items to the Thunder Bay Multicultural Association was the culmination of a February project undertaken by the YES Health and Wellness Committee. The committee wanted to do something meaningful for World Kindness Day and provide staff with some February fun as well. TBMA had 8 refugee families coming in to the city and they were in need of personal care items. The committee spread the word to staff to donate items. They also organized “Candygrams” that staff could purchase for their co-workers to raise additional funds. These were delivered to staff on Valentine’s Day. Health and Wellness committee member Tracy Laffin (right) was excited to present the donation to Community Partner, Anita Muggeridge at TBMA at the end of February. The project was a great way to have fun and give back to the community at the same time.

More Staff Profiles

Allie’s favourite thing about working at YES is: The friendly people and great environment. Here hobbies are: Snowboarding, fishing, camping. Her favourite food is: Pizza. Her favourite movie is: The Sandlot. In her time off: She likes hiking, hanging out with friends, cooking. Pets include: 2 kitties, Binx and Cooper. A fun fact you may not know about her is: She had a perfect attendance award named after her in elementary school, never missed a school day for 5 years straight.

Tom’s favourite thing about working at YES is: facilitating the workshops. His hobby is: writing His favourite food is sweet potato fries with chipotle mayo. His favourite movie is: Young Frankenstein. In his time off he likes to play board games, watch movies, listen to podcasts, and go for walks. Pets include: none, but he’s thinking about getting some fish
A fun fact you may not know about Tom is: He won Best Action Screenplay at the LA Film Awards in July 2019

Elisabeth’s favourite thing about working at YES is: Working with the community. Her hobby is: Travelling. Her favourite food is: Seafood. Her favourite movie is: Shrek
What Elisabeth enjoys doing on her time off: Planning trips. Pets include: Beagle/German Shepherd. A fun fact you may not know about Elisabeth is: She loves learning new languages and is currently learning to speak German.

Tracy’s favourite thing about working at YES is: The people and learning something new everyday. Her hobbies include dancing and watching movies. Her favourite food is: Chinese Food. Favourite Movie: too many to say however, Friends is her favorite TV show. During her time off, Tracy likes to spend time with family and friends. A fun fact you may not know about Tracy is: She was brought up on Lake of the Woods, Chaired KBI for a couple of years, promoted Fishing all seasons, and she has never caught a fish (lol).

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