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January 2021

Superior Screen Printing – Uriel Lubuk (left), and Dave Christen (right)

Creativity often takes a back seat to practicality when it comes to work.  That is particularly true when it comes to working during a pandemic.  When you have a creative nature and background like Uriel, however, creativity is not only what gets you through.  It’s what helps you thrive.    

Uriel studied Film Production at Confederation College.  When he graduated, he launched his own multi-media production company with help from the Jump Start Entrepreneurship program.   He took on projects and periodically hired interns to assist.  This was his first introduction to working with YES Employment Services.  YES delivers the Employment Service program.  Funding through the program provided placement options for Uriel’s interns who gained experience in this unique field.  It turned out to be a valuable partnership for Uriel as a local employer.     

While he was developing his business, Uriel met Dave Christen who was launching a business of his own; Superior Screen Printing.  A few years after launching, Dave was looking at taking his business to the next level.  He re-connected with Uriel, knowing that he had a skill set that would help the business grow.  Uriel recognized the potential in working with Superior Screen Printing.  Uriel brought his community connections and graphic design knowledge to the table and Dave started passing his screen-printing knowledge on to Uriel.  The arrangement was only part-time. Uriel was not undertaking additional projects hoping to move in to this new venture on a full-time basis.  Remembering the Employment Service program, Uriel suggested that Dave talk to YES.  A placement contract was negotiated which provided the ability for Uriel to focus solely on his role at Superior Screen Printing.   

The business did grow.  Uriel’s contribution included his extensive contacts in the Bay-Algoma business district.  He had played a pivotal role in bringing the Busker’s Festival to the area.  The business also took on some charitable endeavors, raising money for Thunder Bay United Way Covid Relief Fund, and the Underground Gym and Youth Centre.   In an interview with the business, retired CBC host Lisa Laco called Superior Screen Printing “the little shop with the big heart.”  

Superior Screen Printing’s connection with YES continued recently when Career Development Practitioner, Matt Beaucage was able to provide Connor, a graphic artist with a placement at the business.  YES recognizes the value of building relationships with local employers.  Our programs and services can benefit your business as well.  If you are recruiting, our Employer Services Team is all in.   Call 807-623-0768 to connect, or e-mail:    

As we head in to the New Year, we are hopeful. We are hopeful about the resilience of our clients, our employers, our small businesses, our community partners, our board members and our staff. There are still challenges ahead, but we have our eyes squarely focused on the light at the end of the tunnel. Our resolution in 2021 is to work together to help re-build careers and support local businesses. If you want to work, re-train, explore a new career, or you are in the position to hire, our team is all in. Bring on the New Year!

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