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February 2021

The Employment Service program helped Ryan gain full-time employment at AGAT Laboratories

There are many reasons to access the free Employment Ontario programs and services delivered by YES.  Maybe you have experienced a layoff due to the pandemic and you want to explore your options for the future.  Maybe you are working a survival job and you want to find more meaningful employment, or maybe you could just use an objective perspective from one of our Career Development Practitioners. 

For Ryan, making employer connections was proving difficult.  He had recently moved to Thunder Bay from Sudbury and his network was limited.  He had found seasonal work in retail leading up to Christmas, but by December 2020, he was eager to find something full-time.  The pandemic was also limiting Ryan’s options.  YES Career Development Practitioner, Matt Beaucage worked with Ryan by looking at his skill set and interests.  Ryan was no stranger to hard work.  He had experience as a labourer painting and staining.  Matt explored some local options and forwarded several opportunities to Ryan.  It was a position with AGAT Laboratories that peaked Ryan’s interest.

AGAT (Applied Geoscience and Technology) Laboratories works with the mining sector.  The Thunder Bay location was in need of a labourer to work with mining samples.  Matt connected Ryan with the company. After reviewing his resume and conducting a brief interview, AGAT offered him the position.  Ryan started with the company in December 2020.   He enjoyed the work and got along well with his colleagues.  The hours worked for him as well.  He worked 12 hour shifts, four days on and four days off.  Ryan’s employer was impressed with his work ethic and after only a month, he was promoted from “crushing” to “pulverizing” the mining samples that came in to the lab.  He received a pay raise as well.    Congratulations on your success Ryan!   

If you think you could benefit from personal assistance to help reach your employment and training goals, just call, text or e-mail YES to get connected with one of our Career Development Professionals.   

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