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February 2022

Ian Sutherland, (Centre) Controller at Mastrangelo Fuels, is pictured with Employer Relation team members Tracy Laffin (left) and Kaitlyn Kotala (right).

The Youth Job Connection program benefits local youth, but it also provides a unique opportunity for local businesses and organizations to build community and help young people succeed.   By hiring through the YJC program, local businesses can invest in young people in our community, giving them the power to shape their futures and contribute to the local economy.  We applaud the local businesses who provide opportunities through this program.   

Mastrangelo Fuels was looking for a yard attendant which involves withstanding the elements, and working outdoors in all types of weather.  The successful candidate would also need to be versatile enough to handle multiple tasks, have customer service skills, and a strong work ethic.  The management at Mastrangelo worked with Employment Relations Coordinator Tracy Laffin who set up a meet and greet with one of the YJC participants, who had an interest and aptitude for the type of work the business was offering.  She let the Mastrangelo management team know that the program offers job placements to help offset the cost of training new staff.  Employer incentives are negotiated on a case by case basis depending on job skill level complexity and duration of the placement.  The “meet and greet” between the participant and the Mastrangelo management team went well.  The business decided he was a great fit for the company.   With a contract negotiated, the placement began.

The Mastrangelo Fuels team describes the advantages of working with YES and providing opportunities for Youth Job Connection participants:

“YES employment took a lot of the workload of advertising and prescreening for employees off our plate, which was very helpful, and time saving for our management team.   The successful candidate was quiet and shy at first, but with the right mentoring he quickly came around  and become a very dependable and prompt team member willing to learn new tasks.  His work ethic and attendance record has been excellent, even in the worse conditions when other employees called in, he always showed up on time, which was one of our key needs.  We have offered the candidate a permanent position with our company after his contract ends and hope to help him build more skills and confidence.  A lot of the candidates just need a chance to prove themselves, and get the confidence that they can be great employees and our candidate is a great example of that.    We will definitely be working with YES employment for future staffing needs” 

Tracy stayed in touch.  As part of the program, the YES Employer Relations team provides job coaching and continuous support throughout the job placement, acting as a liaison between the business and the participants to promote success.  They also provide ongoing evaluation and monitoring of each participants performance and progress in partnership with the business.  The end goal is to assist with the transition each participant to continued employment with the business or organization and we thank Mastrangelo Fuels for trusting the process and recognizing the value of the Youth Job Connection program to help add to their team.

Recruitment can be challenging, but for Mastrangelo Fuels, utilizing the Youth Job Connection program eased this challenge and gave them an onboarding partner.  The business was also able to utilize an existing staff member to act as a mentor for their new hire, and this team approach resulted in a solid foundation of training and support.  Now the business looks forward to utilizing the power of employer supports in their future recruiting efforts.  Make the YES Employer Relations team and Employment Ontario programs part of your recruiting strategy:

Call: 807-623-0768


We are thrilled to be resuming in-person visits starting Monday January 31st at 9am. We have implemented safety protocols including plexiglass barriers and mandatory distance between all visitors as well as cleaning and sanitizing all surfaces before and after each visit. Capacity limits of four (4) Resource Area visitors and time maximums of 1 hour per visitor are also in place. Screening of all staff and visitors is mandatory. In-person appointments have also resumed with the same protocols in place. All of our programs and services including registration, meetings, workshops and appointments can also be accessed via telephone, or e-mail or video conferencing.

In a renewed effort to remind our clients in the North Shore about services available at YES Employment Services, we will be running an ad in the Nipigon Gazette. Natalie Vandermale is our Outreach Coordinator – Career Development Practitioner dedicated to serving the region. Individuals of all ages and skill levels are encouraged to contact Natalie for assistance.

Staff Profiles

Lorna Hunda is the Acting Executive Director here at YES

My favourite thing about working at YES is: Our mission and working with our dedicated and passionate YES Team

My hobby is:  Gardening

My favourite food is:  Onions, and everything that goes with onions – yum

My favourite movie is: Titanic

What do you like to do with your time off: Travel

Pets include: Pond fish

A fun fact you may not know about me is: I am a former client of YES Employment

Dianna Atkinson is the Service Delivery Manager here at YES.

My favourite thing about working at YES is: The people.

My hobby is:  Fishing

My favourite food is:  Chicken Wings

My favourite movie is: E.T.

What do you like to do with your time off: Camping

Pets include: Fish

A fun fact you may not know about me is: I was awarded the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal

Kaitlyn Kotala is one of the Employer Relations Coordinators here at YES.

My favourite thing about working at YES is: Meeting new people every day.

My hobby is:  Photographing Thunder Bay scenery.

My favourite food is:  Pizza

My favourite movie is: Beauty and the Beast

What do you like to do with your time off: Go hiking and picnicking

Pets include: Two tabby cats

A fun fact you may not know about me is: I visit new local businesses every chance I get.

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