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Fall 2019

The Youth Job Connection program is designed to help young people between the ages of 15 and 29 who are facing significant challenges finding or keeping jobs.  Our Youth Workers help young people take important steps in their journey toward long-term employment and meaningful careers.  That journey begins with extensive pre-employment training.  Kelsey recognized the value of the workshops at YES. “I loved that the training gave me strategies to be successful in the workplace,” Kelsey said, “it also gave me confidence.”

Transferable or “soft” skills form the basis of the pre-employment training available through the Youth Job Connection program. It is no surprise that transferable skills are receiving a lot of attention these days.  Employers value these skills. They form the foundation of success for job seekers starting their careers, or switching career paths. Communication, leadership,

teamwork, problem-solving and adaptability are just some of the skills that Kelsey continues to use on the job every day.

Kelsey also had transferable skills that she gained from being a mom.  “Patience was a big one”, she noted.  She also had strong organizational skills and she understood how to be encouraging and persuasive when caring for little ones.  It was a discussion of these particular skills with her Youth Worker Sharon, and Job Developer, Ross Raven that led Kelsey to realize that a placement in Childcare would be an ideal fit for her.

Job Development often requires more than connecting with employers.  Ross approached Nanabijou Child Care Centre, and they generously offered Kelsey a placement opportunity.  However, as with all employees who work with youth, there were some requirements that Kelsey had to meet.  A huge hurdle for many of the youth we work with is lost identification.  Unfortunately, Kelsey did not have the identification for the required police records check and employment requirements.  Ross worked diligently to help Kelsey retrieve the identification she had lost.

Fortunately,  Marcia Arpin, Executive Director at Nanabijou was accommodating and patient and once all the requirements were met, Kelsey started her placement.   Kelsey was beyond excited to be working at Nanabijou.  She was even more excited the day she found out she was hired on after the end of her job placement.  Kelsey had officially began her career in Childcare.  When we caught up with Kelsey in early October, it was clear that she had found a place where her skills were valued.  Thanks to Nanabijou for providing an opportunity for Kelsey to gain experience and skills.   Congratulations to Kelsey for successfully securing a position in her chosen field.

YES provides free personal assistance to help you achieve your employment and training goals. To access our programs and services, just walk in!

Thank you to everyone who joined us for our for our Celebration of Services on September 26th. Special thanks to our Master of Ceremonies Vice President, Board of Directors Mark Mikulasik, our keynote speaker, Moffat Makuto, the clients who shared their success stories, Victoria Stolz and Heva Ismaeil, dignitaries Councillor Peng You, FWFN Councillor Tannis Kastern, and Matthew Skinner from Swiss Chalet.

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