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December 2022

Building a Better Future through Change

National statistics identify that 1 in 4 workers are planning to, or have made a change in their careers since the pandemic began.  Restrictions and industry changes offered individuals the time to take stock and reflect on their career paths.  At YES, we are seeing more clients who are looking for a career change. Courtney’s Success Story is an example of how you can use Employment Ontario programs to open up new opportunities and take control of your employment future.

Courtney had always worked.  At 14 she was already employed at McDonalds, moving up to manager while she was in high school.  Later, she worked in hospitality booking and coordinating banquets and conferences.  She gained payroll and accounting experience during a year long contract and she helped set up her partner’s contracting business.  With this highly marketable skill set and experience, Courtney was feeling frustrated.  She was working, but in a low-paying, entry-level position.  She was ready for a change.

When Courtney came to YES, we determined that she would be a good candidate for the Employment Service program.  This program connects participants with a Career Development Practitioner (CDP) who works with you to meet your employment and training goals.  Because the program is funded by Employment Ontario, all services are free!  Courtney discussed her situation with CDP Stacy-Ann, who got to work looking for opportunities that would not only utilize her skills, but also had room for advancement.

Langen Glass was looking for someone to take on and train with the hopes of taking over for their Office Manager when she retired.  They liked the look of Courtney’s resume and thought she would be a good fit, but she did require some on the job training.  Stacy-Ann was able to use the ES Program to offer a training incentive to Langen Glass to offset the cost of training Courtney and they welcomed her aboard. 

Now Courtney is learning the ropes and taking on all the knowledge that will lead to a more senior position with the company.  She feels like she can now look forward to establishing her career so that she can buy a house and build a future.  The shift is a significant one for Courtney and she is grateful for the connections that Employment Ontario programs provided.  Congratulations Courtney, and thanks to Langen Glass for providing this meaningful employment opportunity.

We are thrilled to be holding a joint Open House to officially announce our new Service Hub. YES Employment Services, Contact North and Working Warriors have joined forces to offer employment, education and training services under one roof here at the YES office building:  1116 Waterford Street. We are extending an invitation to all members of the community to attend our Open House on December 8th to learn about the impact this partnership offers our community.  If you plan to attend, please e-mail:   We hope to see you there!

It’s a holiday tradition here at YES to give back to our clients. Our team donates non-perishable food items, including items for Christmas dinner, treats, mittens and gloves, toiletries, small gifts and toys.  The bins are on display under our Christmas tree in the YES Resource Area. This year we are giving away one hamper in our Resource Area and an additional hamper to one of our Youth Job Connection program participants. Draws for the hampers will take place on Thursday December 16th so the winners will have time to pick up their baskets in time for Christmas. Enter the draw during your next visit!

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