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December 2021

In Need of Trained New Hires? Canada-Ontario Job Grant can Help!

Vermillion Express uses Canada-Job Grant to train a New Employee!

Truckers are in demand and Charity is up for the challenge.  Charity was a truck driver 11 years ago and she has been itching to get back into the field.  She decided she wanted to re-train from scratch so she could be current with all of the industry changes and up to date with her licensing.  During the pandemic, she realized that the health care field was not for her and she re-evaluated her situation.  She wanted to enjoy her work, and being on the road was something she had a passion for.

Her first step was to come in to YES to find out if she could gain access to funded training through Employment Ontario programs.  She met with Career Development Practitioner Elisabeth Alexander who considered Second Career, but there were eligibility and suitability issues with her situation and the funding was not a good fit.

At the same time, Vermillion Express was looking for individuals to haul woodchips out of their bush camps and between Eacom in Ear Falls and Domtar in Dryden.  Charity was interested.  Vermillion Express needed a trained new hire and Charity needed training.  That’s where the Canada Ontario Job Grant (COJG) came in.  Our Employer Relations Team worked with Kennedy at Vermillion Express to support her COJG training application to get Charity the training and licensing she needed to be hired on.  The Canada-Ontario Job Grant is designed to help employers build a more highly trained workforce.  Employers can receive up to $10,000 per trainee in government support when they purchase training for their existing employees.  There is even more financial support available for employers who want to use the grant to purchase training for new hires.  Kennedy completed the grant application with support from our team at YES and Charity got registered for training with Transport Training Centres of Canada.

It is now week 5 of Charity’s training and she said it is going well.  “I have a very patient instructor who calms down my anxiety especially when I’m driving through town”, Charity explains.  She is also mastering backing up at a 90 degree angle this week.  She expects to complete the training in 6 weeks and if all goes well with her road test, she will be working for Vermillion Bay Express in early January. 

We would like to congratulate Charity and thank Vermillion Express for choosing the Canada-Ontario Job Grant.  “It was a real team effort”, Tracy said as she worked with Elisabeth to utilize Employment Ontario programs and fill a gap for Vermillion Express and find meaningful work for Charity.  If you want to get Employment Ontario programs working for you, contact YES.  

Phone:  807-623-0768


Employers link here for more information about the Canada-Ontario Job Grant Job Seekers link here for more information about our Employment Ontario programs.

Individuals who are interested in employment and/or training can link here for more information about our Employment Ontario programs.

Giving Back to our Clients – Holiday Hamper Draw

Christmas is the season of giving and our staff has been busy collecting food, household items, clothing, personal items and goodies. Our Holiday Hampers are a tradition at YES. Clients can enter to win one of two hampers on display. One of our draws is for individuals visiting our Resource Area. The other hamper is for our Youth Job Connection participants. Fill out a ballot on your next visit! The draw will take place on Thursday December 16th to give our lucky winners a chance to pick up their hamper before the holidays.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from all of us at YES Employment Services!

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