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April 2022

YES Programs help Candace gain Child Care Experience at Nanabijou Childcare Centre

Child care is a calling for some people.  Candace first started considering Early Childhood Education as a career when she was a young adult.  Her home was always filled with children.  She babysat her nieces and nephews and loved helping them learn new things and watching them develop and grow.

The first time Candace came to YES it was 2010 and she looking for her very first job.  With help from our summer student program, she connected with Roots to Harvest and spent the summer working in their community gardens. 

She moved to Manitoba for a while and started working at Tim Horton’s.  Candace liked customer service, but she always had her heart set on finding a fulfilling career.  When she thought about what she wanted to do, her heart always came back to working with children, so she decided to enroll in the Early Childhood Education program at Confederation College in Thunder Bay.

Candace successfully completed her first year, but she ran into some road blocks and was unable to complete year 2 right away.  Still, she was determined.  She decided to work for a while so she could save up for her 2nd year of school.  Remembering that YES had helped her before, Candace stopped in for some help.

The great thing about YES programs is that we have assistance for individuals at every stage of their lives.  With a little more experience, some education and a solid career goal, Candace was able to work with a Career Development Practitioners (CDP) and receive assistance through the Employment Service program.  This program helps individuals of all ages and skill levels.  CDP Sharon De Benetti worked with Candace to find her work in her field.  As a CDP, Sharon builds relationship with many local employers and she had worked with Nanibijou Child Care Centre many times.  They were looking for someone to work on their “supply list” and be available on a call-in basis.   Candace was very interested.  Sharon passed on Candace’s resume and the organization said they would be thrilled to hire an Educator for the position who already had a year of ECE under her belt.

Candace went for an orientation and began working for Nanabijou in January 2022.  She loves the position.  Her shifts vary from week to week, but she loves that she is able to move around to fill in where she is needed from infants to toddlers to pre-schoolers.  She is gaining valuable experience that will lay the foundation for a solid ECE career.  Congratulations Candace! YES would like to thank Nanabijou Childcare Centre for consistently providing employment opportunities to our clients.

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My favourite thing about working at YES is: Working alongside with my clients and providing the best support for their future.

My hobby is: Hunting Fishing and outdoors

My favourite food is: Spaghetti My favourite movie is: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

During my time off I like to: Spend time with family and friends

Pets include: Wanting to get a dog.

A fun fact you may not know about me is: If I could live anywhere in the world it would be Bora Bora.

My favourite thing about working at YES is: the laughs, people, and teamwork

My hobby is: camping, hiking, cooking, painting, trying new things

My favourite food is: sushi

My favourite movie is: Great Gatsby

What do you like to do with your time off: spend time with friends/family and spend time with nature

Pets include: 2 cats – Meeko and Tiggy

A fun fact you may not know about me is: I like to put strawberries on pizza

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