Employment Service

YES believes that anyone who wants to work, deserves to work. The Employment Service program is open to individuals of all ages and all levels of need. Through the program, YES offers free resources, supports and assistance to respond to the employment and training needs of individuals. Coordinating service with other helping agencies in the community is a key component of the program. We are advocators and collaborators.

Access Resources and Information

When you refer an individual to YES, service starts in our Resource Area. Our Resource Area is an open access labout market service and information hub for our community. We provide information on local training and employment opportunities, community service supports, occupations and education. We provide a safe space for all clients. Everyone is welcome to utilize our office equipment, tools and resources. The Resource Area is staffed with professionals committed to providing support to every individual who walks in our door. We assess the needs of each new client and match them with the services that will best help them attain their employment and training goals.

Our Career Development Practitioner Team

Service at YES may include personal guidance from one of our Career Development Practitioners (CDPs). CDPs are employment professionals who help clients explore what the best version of their future could look like. Our practitioners help clients to set goals and build the plans to achieve them. CDPs become active partners in their client’s job search, helping build job search skills and working with employers to coordinate job matches and placements.

Education and Re-Training Options Including Better Jobs Ontario

CDPs also assist clients with training and education goals. We help clients explore academic upgrading, post-secondary options, and Better Jobs Ontario funding. Better Jobs Ontario helps customers gain skills for jobs in demand now. It also provides financial support to those who qualify. We take individuals through the entire Better Jobs Ontario process, from assessment through to application submission.
If you are working with someone who could benefit from our services, talk to one of our CDPs by calling our main number.

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