Rotational Ground Support – Pickle Lake, Ontario

  • Full Time
  • Anywhere
  • January 31, 2022
  • Salary/Pay: $25/hour

Website North Star Air Ltd.

Rotational-Contract Position Available!

North Star Air is currently looking for Ground Support in Pickle Lake, Ontario. Not living in Pickle Lake, Ontario? Not a problem! This position is Rotational, meaning that you can live in Thunder Bay, Ontario, (or anywhere else,) and simply travel from Thunder Bay to Pickle Lake, stay in the company provided accommodations and then return to Thunder Bay when your rotation is complete.

Pay and Accommodations:

  • Base rate: $25 per hour plus possibility of overtime
  • Rotation: 2 weeks on and 2 weeks off
  • Schedule: Varies, up to 12 hours per day
  • Accommodations: Room and board provided by North Star Air
  • Transportation: From Thunder Bay, Ontario to Pickle Lake, Ontario round trip will be provided by North Star Air (if required)
  • Contract length: 2 months, can be extended if mutually agreed upon

About the Job:

Pickle Lake Ontario is a Cargo Hub primarily serving the Basler BT-67 (DC3T) aircraft. In the position, you will help support the ground operations. Some of the activities may include:

  • Loading and off-loading of aircrafts
  • Ensuring Pilons and Buffer Zones are established around aircrafts
  • Marshalling Aircrafts
  • De-Icing, Washing and Grooming of Aircrafts
  • Ground Service Equipment use such as but not limited to; Heat Carts, Heaters, Lifting Devices, De-Ice Units, Ground Power Units, Fuel Systems, Tractors, Pallet Jacks, Forklifts, and Loaders within issued training and authorization
  • Off-loading and loading of trucks
  • Picking, sorting, wrapping, and weighing loads assigned to Aircrafts
  • Sweeping and cleaning Hangar and Ramps
  • Regular FOD checks throughout properties
  • General housekeeping duties as assigned
  • TMS use in receiving, shipping, and dispatching freight
  • Completion of daily task list assigned
  • Freezer, cooler and freight temperature checks
  • Ensuring freight is properly stored and handled within its associated temperature control environment
  • Monitoring and ensuring that the highest level of care if given to freight especially within the categories of; Fragile, Cooler, Frozen, Do Not Freeze, DG, Rush and any other category you find requires special handling
  • Snow removal, entrance cleaning, sanding slippery surfaces
  • Inventory checks
  • Fueling of aircrafts
  • Installing, removing, organizing and storage of BATT fuel systems for Aircrafts
  • Servicing of ground equipment as applicable
  • Fueling of all Ground Equipment
  • Circle checks on all ground equipment used
  • Crewperson duties onboard Aircrafts as applicable

Skills & qualifications

  • High school diploma or equivalent is an asset
  • Previous shipping and receiving experience is an asset
  • Demonstrated ability to operate material handling equipment including forklift truck
  • Knowledge of filling out waybills is an asset
  • Able to communicate both verbally and in writing
  • Basic mathematical skills
  • Able to work efficiently as a part of a team as well as independently
  • Computer literacy, including working skills of Excel and e-mail
  • Attention to detail in all areas of work
  • Excellent organizational, time management and prioritizing skills
  • Ability to communicate in Oji-Cree or Ojibway is an asset
  • Ability to lift up to 40lbs; Repetitively
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