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Furniture Mover

  • Full Time
  • Part Time
  • Anywhere
  • $19.00/hour CAD / Year
  • July 31, 2024
  • Salary/Pay: $19.00/hour

Armstrong the Mover

We are a local moving company looking for mover’s to join our team. If you have a strong work ethic, are physically fit, and appreciate meeting with, and working for, great people, feel free to apply.

Our company is looking for someone who is hard working, dedicated, works really well with others and is friendly towards to our customers. There needs to be the ability to handle long, physically demanding days with flexibility as everyday is different and can go late.


Performs work involving lifting, pushing, pulling, securing loads with straps and/or chains as necessary.

Assists truck driver with any tasks on or outside of the truck being operated or for the specific job assignment.

Completes required work plans, job safety analysis, observations, and attends safety meetings as required.

Load and Unload Items

Movers use equipment like dollies and ramps to load customers’ items from their buildings to the moving truck. They arrange items in the truck to fit the load and prevent objects from falling or getting damaged. At the destination, movers take the items off the truck and place them in the location the customer requests.

Take Inventory

Keeping track of the customer’s items to make sure nothing gets lost or damaged is an important responsibility that movers have. They write down a description of each package or item at the customer’s location before starting loading. Movers check this inventory when they reach the destination to ensure they unload all the items.

Handle Customer Requests

Movers also answer customers’ questions and address requests they have for how they want items packed, loaded, and unloaded. They also provide information about price and time estimates and address any concerns.

Mover Skills and Qualifications

An attention to detail and knowledge of proper packaging, loading, and unloading processes help movers successfully assist their customers. In addition to preferring candidates with a high school education and driving skills, companies look for movers with the following skill set:

Physical ability – lifting, loading, and unloading heavy boxes and items like furniture and pianos require a lot of physical strength and endurance
Customer service – movers have a key role in customer service since they need to follow their customers’ requests, answer their questions, and sometimes defuse situations with dissatisfied customers
Teamwork – movers usually do not work alone and need to interact with a driver and other movers to effectively complete each job assignment
Organization skills – they use their organizational skills to plan how to best pack items and arrange them in the moving truck
Communication skills – creating inventory reports requires movers to have good writing and verbal communication skills help them keep the moving team and customers informed

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