Oliver finds Success as a Merchandiser

When we caught up with Oliver at Shopper’s Drug Mart, he was checking customers through like a seasoned professional. Anna Kapoor, Pharmacist/Owner arranged a break for Oliver so he could chat with us about his success.

“I started out as a merchandiser, but I did a little bit of everything. Now I’m trained on cash”, Oliver explained. Shopper’s hired him on after his placement ended. In August he will have been with the company a full year. The position just clicked for Oliver. He likes that they offer a solid training plan and that the company is well-staffed. His supervisor is supportive and his co-workers “have each others backs”. When his placement was ending, Oliver asked his supervisor if they would be keeping him on. Oliver said his supervisor seemed surprised by the question stating: “Are you kidding me? Of course we are keeping you on.”

When Oliver first came to YES he was not having much success with his job search. He had low motivation after a few negative workplace experiences.   As soon as Oliver walked in the door at YES, we focused on assessing his needs and matching him to the programs and services that would help support his employment goals. He was a good fit for Youth Job Connection so he met with one of our Youth Workers. He talked about all the things that were interfering with his job search success. He mentioned feeling very low at the time, and his Youth Worker, Sharon De Benetti, connected him with a counsellor at Catholic Family Development Centre. “I have to give a shout out to the counsellors there,” Oliver said, “They really helped.”

In addition to supporting YJC with barriers to employment, our Youth Workers also build the skills of participants through pre-employment training. Oliver appreciated the practical skills like resume building and health and safety. He also gained valuable “soft” skills like communications, problem-solving and time management.   Oliver appreciated the fact that he received a stipend equal to minimum wage for every hour he completed.   Oliver completed over 60 hours of training and he felt ready for workplace success.

Oliver worked with the YJC Job Developer, Ross Raven to find a good match for his skill set. He had a good feeling about Shopper’s Drug Mart right away. Since starting with the organization, Oliver has been “Employee of the month” twice. Congratulations on all your success, Oliver!

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