Making it to the Ontario Hockey League is no small feat.  Mitchell had the talent and the drive to earn a spot in the league and it quickly became his life.  It shaped his identity.  He ate, lived and breathed hockey.  His team members became his closest friends.  His family picked up and moved to support his success.  He was focused and determined and he had his eyes trained squarely on the NHL.  He was living the dream.  

Then, tragedy struck.  An injury on the ice resulted in a broken shoulder. The prognosis was what Mitchell feared most.  He would no longer be able to perform at the caliber required to play competitive hockey.  The dream was shattered and Mitchell struggled with the blow.

Mitchell was adrift for a while.  When he did finally surface from the pain of his loss, he knew he would need help.   He found out he was going to become a father and he was determined to shape a new future for himself, and his family.   He walked in to YES for help getting started. Career Development Practitioner, Dianna Atkinson, spoke with Mitchell and helped him with a resume.  He was grateful for the assistance.  Dianna sensed that he would benefit from additional services available through the Employment Service program, so she booked a follow up appointment for the next day.  

Mitchell had come to Thunder Bay from Kenora, so Dianna connected him with a local counselling centre for support.  She also connected him with Lakehead Adult Education Centre (LAEC) where he enrolled to complete his Grade 12.  She helped him identify potential employers and apply for positions.  Then, Dianna came across a unique training opportunity and she immediately thought of Mitchell.  
Wataynikaneyap Power is a First Nations led project that will connect 17 remote communities to the provincial power grid.   The project anticipates a high demand for skilled workers throughout the construction phase of the project, as well as maintenance once it is complete.  Opiikapawiin Services LP (“OSLP”) is a majority owner of Wataynikaneyap Power.  The organization also administers programs to help train and employ workers for the project.  A description of one of these training programs, crossed Dianna’s desk and she called Mitchell with the information. He was very excited about the opportunity and wanted to get started right away.  

Dianna helped Mitchell locate and complete all the documentation required to apply for the program.  He was still working on his Grade 12, which was a requirement for acceptance into the training program. Dianna worked with Training Advisor Franz Seibel to ensure the timing for submission coincided with Mitchell completing his education at LAEC.  

Mitchell secured a seat in the program and was extremely grateful for the help he received from Dianna.  He headed into this new future with the drive and talent that he has always possessed.  After completing the training, Mitchell was hired by Powertel, the contractor for the power grid project.   He started his new position on September 4th.  Congratulations to Mitchell for finding his path to a rewarding career.

The goal of the Employment Service program is to connect you with the supports you need, help you secure the training and education you require, and assist you in finding the opportunities that will lead to meaningful employment.  Visit YES and speak to one of our Career Development Practitioners.  No need to make an appointment.  Just walk in.


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