Christian was referred to YES by the Thunder Bay Counselling Centre.  He felt like he was at a low point, and he was eager to move forward with being more independent,   He described himself as lacking the confidence to “get out there” on his own.  After an assessment, Christian was referred to the Youth Job Connection program.  He was introverted and a little reluctant to participate when he first started workshops.  After a few days, Christian really opened up.  “The workshops helped with my confidence and having faith in myself to get the job done”, Christian said.


The ongoing counselling and support provided by the YJC program were also helpful for Christian.  “I really warmed up to Cleo”, he said “he helped me out, big time for sure”. 


When it was time for placement, Christian was not sure what he wanted to do, but he was interested in working behind the scenes.  A great opportunity with Sleeping Giant Brewery came up and YJC Job Developer, Ross Raven set up a meet and greet for Christian.  He felt at ease right way at the brewery.  The discussion with the employer went well and Christian started that week.  Things just clicked.  Christian started out on the floor, cleaning out kegs, fridges and under palettes.  Soon he was moved to delivery and Christian was quick and efficient, making 10-15 deliveries a day.  “It was a different kind of job”, Christian said.  He enjoyed the variety of tasks and the camaraderie of the staff.


At the end of his placement, Christian knew he wanted to stay on, and the employer offered him ongoing full-time employment.  He said that Christian was an excellent fit for the company from day one.  At the 3-month mark, Christian was still employed so the employer was eligible for the Employing Young Talent Initiative (EYTI).  When we caught up with Christian, we were thrilled to let him know that he is now at the 6-month mark of his employment following placement.  YES will be presenting Sleeping Giant Brewery with their second EYTI cheque.  YES would like to thank Sleeping Giant brewery for providing opportunities to youth in our community.  Congratulations to Christian for your continued success!


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