November 2016


YES Programs Help Youth Explore New Paths

Employment Service participan Hannah (left) finds career success at Natural Smiles, The Dental Hygiene Boutique.  Pictured here with owner Maheen Cassim.

Hannah arrived in Thunder Bay from New Brunswick in the Spring of 2016.  She and her husband moved to the city because he was offered employment here, but Hannah was determined to work also.  As a young person seeking work , however, she faced some barriers to employment.  She didn’t know the city.  She didn’t know any local employers, and she didn’t have a communications network of friends or colleagues to rely on.  She was having a tough time finding a position.  We were able to reassure Hannah that she had a solid resume and strong interview skills. Together, we just needed to create the right opportunity for her.

Maheen Cassim runs Natural Smiles, The Dental Boutique.  She was looking for a receptionist and had traditionally hired candidates with a solid background in dental hygiene.  So when Hannah was presented as a potential job match, she wasn’t sure about the fit.  But Hannah interviewed well.  She had the enthusiasm and warm, welcoming demeanour that Maheen wanted for her customers.  The downside; she had absolutely no dental training at all.  Through our Employment Service program, YES was able to offset the cost of webinars and e-courses, as well as other kinds of training.  To date, Hannah has received training on dental terminology, dental products, and even the dental office’s software program.   

Hannah appreciated all the time Maheen devoted to train Hannah in this new field.  “I was always going home and telling my husband all the new things I was learning, so much so that he teased that I was becoming a self-proclaimed dentist.”   There is still a lot to learn, though.  Maheen is hoping to have Hannah audit the Dental Hygenist course at Confederation College beginning in January.  Her investment in Hannah’s training makes it clear that she is a committed partner in helping youth succeed in our community. 

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Are you recruiting?  Contact us.  YES matches qualified candidates with employers every day. Our free programs and services include:

  • Job matching and job placements with training incentives available for eligible candidates.
  • Access to a pool of job-ready candidates who have built skills in a variety of areas including customer service, communications, team building and problem solving.
  • YES can promote and host a Job Fair for your business if you have a large number of positions to fill.
  • Post positions free on the YES Job Bank

This Employment Ontario program is funded by the Government of Ontario

Employer Service Activity

It was a busy month for our Job Development team as employers took advantage of the recruitment services available through YES programs and services.

Wacky’s Eat, Drink, Game On!  Job Fair October 3rd and 4th

YES hosted a Job Fair for Wacky’s Eat, Drink, Game On! in October.  Thanks to a huge number of shares, news of the Job Fair spread like wildfire on Facebook and over 200 people attended and were interviewed by the Wacky’s Recruitment Team.  By the end of the two-day fair, the team had successfully recruited 50% of their 200+ hiring target.

Amik Catering Information Session and Interviews

Positions in catering and cleaning up at the Lac Des Illes Mine Site are unique and applicants need to understand all the requirements of working at a mine site before they accept a position.  Amik Catering recruiter Karen Routley understands that providing thorough information about conditions and expectations is essential to the retention of good employees.  YES hosted an information session for Karen to help her recruit staff for a Cleaning/Janitor position available at the mine.  Following interviews, also conducted at YES, she was able to find two strong candidates for the position.

Great Canadian Oil Change Interviews at YES 


Using YES facilities to interview candidates is a good option for many employers.  Conducting interviews away from your business eliminates distractions and allows you to block out time to dedicate to selecting the right staff.  With a new convenience store and car wash opening, Great Canadian Oil Change utilized the YES Job Bank to recruit managers, supervisors, car wash attendants and cashiers.  Recruiters Celine, Bryan and Abbey conducted a round of interviews at YES on October 15th.  The business is still actively recruiting for some positions. Check out our Job Bank for details.


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