August Newsletter 2016


Youth Job Connection Success

Meet Micaela.  Micaela successfully completed the Youth Job Connection program at YES Employment Services and continues to work with employer Joanna Pellegrino at NYS Restaurant, Pizzeria and Bar. 

Micaela is a young mom.  She received her Ontario Secondary School Diploma in July 2015 through the Lakehead Public School’s SAM/MISOL (Single Adolescent Mothers/Mothers in Search of Learning) high school credit program.  After graduating, her first priority was securing employment to support herself and her 2-year-old daughter, but she was struggling with her job search.

“I had a lot of social anxiety, and it was preventing me from pursuing what I wanted to do”, Micaela explained.   At a time when all her friends were out having fun, Micaela was having to tackle adult responsibilities.  She became more introverted.  As a single mom, and new worker, she knew she needed a job that offered a certain amount of flexibility, but she didn’t know how to address the subject with potential employers.  Feeling overwhelmed, Micaela sought help from YES in October 2015.   Through discussions with YES staff, and a meeting with YES Employment Counsellor, Fatima Tavares, it was determined that Micaela would be a good fit for Youth Job Connection.  She was one of the first Thunder Bay participants in this new Employment Ontario program. 

Trust was all-important to Micaela.  She developed a solid counselling relationship with Fatima who worked with Micaela to discuss concerns and help resolve issues.  With the program offering 60 hours of paid pre-employment training, Micaela was able to receive an income while attending.  Fatima also worked with community partners to ensure that Micaela had access to daycare while she participated in the program’s training and placement components.  Micaela liked the fact that the workshop facilitators created a safe and positive environment for gaining skills.

Individuals participating in pre-employment workshops are able to explore key subjects that include job searching, resume and cover letter writing and interview skills, as well as more personal skills such as nutrition and health, and goal setting.   “The oral presentations in the workshops helped build my confidence”, Micaela said.  She also enjoyed the practical workshops like Money Matters which helps participants build a workable monthly budget.  The customer service focused workshops helped Micaela decide that she wanted to pursue work in that field.

The first position that Micaela started in was in the field she wanted, but it was not a good fit.  She needed an employer who would provide a solid foundation of training, and the flexibility she required as a mom.   “When I met with Joanna at NYS, I knew I found the right placement”, Micaela said.  The all-important trust was there.  “Everyone is nice and accommodating and they trained me by demonstrating the way they wanted things done”. 

Micaela has finished her training and placement and she continues to work for NYS Restaurant Pizzeria and Bar.  She looks forward to achieving her long term goals of attending post-secondary education in Social Work or Police Foundations.  Congratulations Micaela!

Young people facing complex or multiple barriers to employment have a tougher time securing work.  The Youth Job Connection program was designed to provide intensive supports to help young people gain the skills that allow them to conduct an effective job search and become successful on the job.  To find out more, go to the Youth Job Connection program page, or visit the YES Resource Area.

This Employment Ontario program is funded by the Government of Ontario.

Youth Job Connection Participant Update


Adam O’Keese, who was featured in the June newsletter, has now successfully completed the Youth Job Connection program.  He continues to work for Parmalat.   Congratulations, Adam! 

YES Road Trip!

Workshop facilitators Sharon De Benetti and Anita Muggeridge travelled north last week - (August 4-5, 2016) - to Mishkeegogamang First Nation, approx. 30 km south of Pickle Lake, Ontario.

YES was there to assist with the AMSTEP Program - A Partnership between Goldcorp and Oshki -Pimache-O-Win Education and Training Institute.

The students were in the final stages of completing the Mining Essentials Program, and YES Employment Services was on hand to assist with the preparation and completion of professional resumes and cover letters for each of the students. Anita enjoyed the experience: "We were able complete 15 resumes and 15 covers over the two-day period. It was a wonderful opportunity to work with one of our community partners."


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