• Casual
  • Anywhere
  • 21-26$/per hour CAD / Year
  • March 31, 2024
  • Salary/Pay: 21-26$/per hour

Community Midwives of Thunder Bay
300-1119 Victoria Avenue East

The position is roughly 15-25 hours per month (Jan and April at least 24 hours)

Contract work, $/per to be negotiated

-Someone who is organized and pays attention to details

-Knowledgeable in Excel and QuickBooks

-Regular duties include: payroll, accounts receivable and payable, bank allocation, government remittances, monthly reconciliation or internal spreadsheets, etc..

-Preparing year end financial statements for the accountant

-Conscientious of balancing the financials monthly a must.

-Understanding the basics of Credit and Debit

-Understanding which account expenses should be posted to and what is the off-setting account

-Balancing each entry to the spreadsheet for midwives’ earning (calendar, ministry and capital payout years)

-Troubleshooting balancing errors between Excel and QuickBooks

-Excel formulas is crucial to know to balance the midwives’ earning reports

-Knowledge of separating expenses into “class” accounts

Upload your resume or any other relevant files.

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